Lincoln International Business School (LIBS) Connect Event: Creating Sustainable Workplaces: Attracting, Growing and Retaining Talent in Lincolnshire.

Hosted by Dr. Agnieszka Rydzik, this half-day event, aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, shines a spotlight on the vital connection between sustainability and fostering a thriving workforce within Lincolnshire’s business community. We’ll explore the challenge of retaining young talent, discuss fostering good relations at work, and creating more ‘good work’ opportunities for local young talent.

Featuring inspirational and influential speakers from Lincolnshire’s business community, including Emma Oliver-Townrow of Stokes Teas and Coffees, Charlotte Goy, CEO of Destination Lincolnshire, and Nick Turner, COO of Luxury Hotel Management. We’ll dive deep into practical discussions on how to nurture and retain young talent. There’ll be an opportunity to learn more about the Good Student Employer Charter, a new initiative championed by the Lincoln International Business School.

Our panel discussions will offer valuable insights into tackling these challenges head-on, followed by breakout group discussions led by experts from the Lincoln International Business School on these themes:

  • Supporting a diverse workforce
  • Supporting young workers in their first-ever jobs
  • Healthy work-life balance: staff and employer well-being